Below are a selection of testimonials from some of our osteopathy patients at the Osteopathic Health Care clinics in Surrey:

My son Sam, now 9, has been going to the audiology clinic every 3-6 months for the last 5 years as he has persistent otitis media. He flat lines on the pressure test every time.

His most common word, until last year, was 'pardon' and the telly had to be a lot louder for him than anyone else in the family. His behaviour was quite challenging and he got angry and frustrated at the drop of a hat, and unnecessarily so. He never had hearing loss to the extent that it affected his schooling, in fact he was doing very well at school but his behaviour was hard. He said that he could hear constant swishing in his ears and it irritated him, and I was sure that his behaviour was affected by this.

So having tried ear candles, ear balloons, olive oil and reflexology I remembered that Sam, as a new born and following an awkward birth, had responded well to cranio osteopathy and so I thought I would look into this.

I found Julie's name after looking for local practitioners and rang to see if she could help. Julie hadn't dealt with this problem in children before but she was willing to treat Sam and asked amongst colleagues for advice.

Sam responded well, within a couple of sessions his behaviour vastly improved and he had almost stopped saying 'pardon' and the telly was at a volume level comfortable for all. He fell asleep within minutes of Julie's session, and such a deep sleep he was difficult to rouse. Julie was great with Sam, talking to him about how he felt before the session, talking him through things (when he was awake!) and really putting him at ease. Sam would ask to go back and really enjoyed the sessions. After maybe 6-8 sessions we stopped as things had got so much better.

The next audiology appointment we had, Sam's ears had improved slightly, the best result we ever had but by no means what it should be. Follow ups to continue 6 monthly.

Recently Sam has had a mild cold and complained that his ears feel full and hurt and his quick to change mood has returned and so he is booked in for Julie to work her magic again!

Of all the treatments we have tried for Sam's ears, to ease the pressure and alleviate the swishing noise, osteopathy has definitely been the one that has made a big difference.

Nicola (Molesey)

We went to Julie when our daughter Charlotte was a few months old as she was screaming continuously like she was in some kind of pain. Within the first 15 minutes of the session, Charlotte was very relaxed and asleep in Julie's arms which was completely out of character. We felt very comfortable having Julie work with Charlotte as she was very descriptive in what she was doing and she was very friendly and professional which made us feel very relaxed as new parents.

Since the sessions, our daughter has been a completely different baby and had hardly cried at all. We are not sure exactly what or how Julie did this but we are very grateful and we would, and have, highly recommended Julie to our friends and family who have all reported back positively after their own baby sessions.

Lee (Tadworth)

Thank you very much for treating my SPD during my pregnancy. In my first pregnancy I got into so much pain and could hardly walk. I was sent to a physiotherapist but the pelvis pain only got worse so this time I decided to try an osteopath and I am very glad I did! The exercises we did were very gentle yet surprisingly effective.

I remember the first day I came into your office limping in so much pain and left an hour later after stretching my muscles and ligaments plus the machine on my back, I was walking with a spring in my step!

What has really helped was that you equipped me with exercises that I could do at home and I am still using them after childbirth.

It was always a pleasure coming in for my sessions because you went out of your way to make me feel comfortable not only physically but also on an emotional level. You were easy to talk to and that was very important to me.

I cannot commend you enough but thank you so much. I had a wonderful pregnancy thanks to you!

Eva (Molesey)

I have been visiting Julie at the Glenlyn Medical Centre for over 7 years since she took over the practice. The treatment room is spotlessly clean and airy and has a calm and welcoming feel. Booking appointments is very straightforward, either by e-mail or telephone and every endeavour is made to make appointments at mutually convenient times.

My issues are mainly with lower back pain and discomfort due to my pelvis going out of alignment and twisting. Generally this misalignment is due to muscle tension and contraction in the thoracic region. Julie manipulates the soft tissue and muscles in the thoracic region and this usually releases and straightens the pelvis. She also uses dry needles as part of her treatment.

Julie has a holistic approach to treatment and considers not only the symptoms but also whole body, mind and lifestyle. Additionally, she demonstrates exercises that can be done to maintain the flexibility of the muscles and joints and the body as a whole.

Since being treated by Julie I have not had any serious, major episodes with my back; for example, no acute sciatica or acute lower back spasms. I now see Julie about once a month for 'maintenance' sessions although she has always said to contact her should I have sudden acute discomfort and need urgent treatment.

Alison (Walton on Thames)

Julie has a professional and friendly manner and always displays a genuine interest in one's ailments and issues. She takes careful consideration when suggesting the frequency of treatments required to assist me with my problems.

I have had a number of issues which Julie has helped me with over the years by massage, manipulation of joints and muscles and with dry needles. Also, she has been very good at offering advice regarding on-going exercises to keep my body strong and supple and targeted at my various ailments. She has recommended supports and identified where to purchase supports for my shoulder, elbow and ankle.

She has successfully treated me for golfer's elbow, tendonitis in both shoulders, a badly sprained ankle when I fell over, tightness and pain in the neck and most recently with posture problems when I was stooping and it was affecting my walking.

Terry (Walton on Thames)

I am a self employed carpenter in my 40s and have been suffering from shoulder pain and taking diclofenac sodium for pain relief for the last 4 years. About 6 months ago the pain became much worse after I spend some time working with my arms stretched about my head, plaster boarding a ceiling. Lifting my arm above head height was very painful and I was restricted in the work I could take on. I went back to my GP and was referred to a specialist then for an MRI scan, after which I was told my best option would be to have an operation to repair damage to a tendon. A few weeks before I was due to have the operation I spoke to a friend who had injured his shoulder playing Nintendo Wii, the pain was affecting his ability to do his job as a printer and he was referred by a friend to Walton Osteopaths. He told me that after 1 session he was able to work with much less pain and suggested that I give Osteopathy a go before having the op.

I arranged to see Julie Oliver at Walton Osteopaths and after explaining my situation I had my first treatment which gave some relief. Julie advised that I should not cancel the operation but have a few more treatments. I returned for treatment over the next 2 weeks then moved to 2 weekly sessions; my mobility improved and I was in less pain week on week. Having showed Julie my MRI scan which showed a 90% tear in the supraspinatus muscle tendon, she and her colleagues could not believe the amount of movement I had with such a tear and put this down to the strength in the surrounding tissues etc.

I can still have the operation if I want to but at this stage I would not consider this as an option. Had I gone down the route of surgery I would have been off work for 2-3 months with no guarantee of success. I have successfully worked right through my contract having osteopathy and wearing a shoulder support which Julie recommended and provided for me. After 8 treatments I have very good movement and no pain in my shoulder.

I would now recommend Osteopathy to anyone, it may not work for everyone but it has definitely worked for me.

Gordon (Tunbridge)

I have been under the treatment of Julie for approximately 8 years for a series of back and neck problems. As well as helping me, she also treated my son as a baby when he was suffering from colic. During both of our treatments she has always remained very professional and supportive. She always put my son at ease. She has provided both me and him with a very effective, patient specific approach.

Julie has helped me to manage my back/neck problems with her clinical treatment and has given me additional exercises to use at home. She helped to greatly ease my son's colic after approximately 2 sessions.

George (Claygate)

I wish to record my testimonial for the excellence and expertise of my osteopath Julie Oliver.

I have been one of her patients since 2013, with regular fortnightly sessions from January 2014 to date and have my next appointments already booked for 2nd and 16th March 2018, to be sure of securing them, as is my normal procedure.

I am 87 years old and will be 88 next month, and without Julie I would not have been able to continue as I do with the extensive daily physical needs of our primitive elderly bungalow and my active share of the needs in the long garden in which it is set.

Long may she be there for me - I really could not manage without her, and I am really fortunate to have discovered her.


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